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Who is Nir Meir?

Nir Meir, born in January 1975, is a former New York real estate entrepreneur who has been involved in legal and financial disputes. Meir, aged 49 in 2024, was raised in Israel and then relocated to the United States, where he achieved fame in the real estate sector.

Nir Meir wikipedia
Nir Meir


Meir, coming from both Israel and Paris, has shown his determination and devotion from a young age. Allegedly, he joined the Israel Defence Forces and then moved to New York in the early 2000s. In New York, he gained a reputation for his cautious approach to real estate enterprises, thoroughly examining every aspect of each undertaking and demonstrating a strong will to achieve success.

Professional Career

Meir’s professional path was deeply connected to his collaboration with his ex-colleague, Ziel Feldman. They collaborated for a duration of 20 years at the HFZ Capital Group, a distinguished company specializing in the construction of high-end condos. Meir was regarded as an enthusiastic and intelligent individual who thoroughly examined the details of each project, displaying exceptional expertise and passion.


Meir has been under substantial financial scrutiny in recent years. After the HFZ Capital Group’s collapse, he encountered legal obstacles concerning his expenditures and financial administration. Accusations have been raised regarding his wealthy way of life, which involves lavish expenditures on luxury vessels, private aircraft, exquisite wines, and upscale real estate assets. These disputes have resulted in court disputes and allegations of financial distress.

Who is the wife of Nir Meir?

Nir Meir got  married to Ranee Bartolacci.

Wikipedia Profile

Full NameNir Meir
Date of Birth 1975
Age49 years (As of 2024)
Birth PlaceUSA
ProfessionJournalist and Author
WifeRanee Bartolacci
Height 5 feet 10-11 inches (approx)


What is the religion of Nir Meir?

Nir Meir follows Christianity.

What is the age of Nir Meir?

Nir Meir’s present age is 49 years (as of 2024).

What is the height of Nir Meir?

The height of Nir Meir is approximately 5 feet 10-11 inches.