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Who is Mikki Mase?

Mikki Mase, whose real name is Michael David Meiterman, is a prominent business and gambling figure. Overcoming hunger and a troubled past, he achieved phenomenal success as an entrepreneur and professional gambler. His life story is a tribute to perseverance and determination. The narrative of Mikki Mase’s rise from hardship to triumph is a fascinating story of determination and success.

Mikki Mase
Mikki Mase

Childhood and Challenge

Mikki Mase’s formative years were characterized by hardship. He endured episodes of homelessness and grappled with legal complications during his adolescence. Notwithstanding these obstacles, he maintained an unwavering determination to transform his life and follow his aspirations.

Path to Success

Mase’s path to achievement commenced when he discovered his passion for gambling throughout his early years. He refined his expertise in poker and other table games, ultimately achieving great success as a professional gambler. His smart methodology and proficiency in betting on sports and equestrian racing have played a significant role in his remarkable wealth, which is approximated to be in the multimillion-dollar range.

Wikipedia Profile

Full NameMichael David Meiterman
Date of Birth 1988-1990
Age33-35 years (As of 2023)
Birth Place USA
ProfessionBusinessman and Gambler
SchoolLocal High School
Height5 feet 8 inches
Alma MaterAn USA University
Net Worth$10-18 M (As of 2023)

Innovative Business Efforts

Aside from his achievements in the gambling sector, Mase has also established a reputation as a prominent business tycoon. He established multiple pharmacies, rehabilitation centers, and clinical laboratories, demonstrating his adaptability and business savvy.

Personal Life and Public Image

Mikki Mase has amassed a substantial social media following, specifically on Instagram, due to his active social media presence. His social media postings frequently detail his extravagant lifestyle, encompassing his interactions with celebrities and experiences at casinos. In regard to his personal life, Mase maintains a private stance despite his public persona.

What is the Net Worth of Mikki Mase?

The net worth of Mikki Mase is approximately $10-18 M (as of 2023).


What is the religion of Mikki Mase ?

Mikki Mase follows Christianity.

What is the age of Mikki Mase?

Mikki Mase’s present age is 33-35 years (as of 2023).

What is the height of Mikki Mase?

The height of Mikki Mase is approximately 5 feet 8 inches.