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Who is Elsina Khayrova?

Elsina Khayrova, a 36-year-old socialite of Russian-British descent and former model, has garnered significant attention in the media lately, primarily owing to speculation about her alleged romantic involvement with the renowned Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise just reserved a whole floor of the luxurious London restaurant Novikov recently to surprise his new romantic partner, Elsina Khayrova.

Elsina Khayrova
Elsina Khayrova

Early Life and Family

Elsina Khayrova was born in 1987 in Kazan, a city located in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. She is the daughter of Rinat Khayrova, a famous Russian Member of Parliament and a trusted associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Elsina takes great pride in her Tatar ancestry and possesses a high level of fluency in the Tatar language. In addition, she adheres to certain Tatar traditions and customs, including observing the Islamic holidays of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

Career and Personal Life

Elsina Khayrova embarked on her professional journey as a model and achieved recognition and influence in the realm of fashion. Subsequently, she embarked on a socialite lifestyle and gained recognition for her extravagant way of living and prominent romantic involvements. She was formerly wedded to Dmitry Tsvetkov, a renowned diamond merchant and entrepreneur. The couple enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle, residing in a luxurious property worth 25 million pounds in Surrey, and additionally possessing five upscale apartments in London. In addition, they possessed real estate in Dubai and Cyprus, as well as luxury vehicles, valuable jewellery, and artwork. The pair divorced in 2020 following almost ten years of marriage. They bore two offspring throughout their partnership, although few information is available regarding their lives as a pair.

Wikipedia Profile

Full NameElsina Khayrova
Date of Birth 1987
Age36 years (As of 2023)
Birth PlaceKazan, Russia
ProfessionModel, Social Media Influencer
SchoolLocal Russian School
Height5 feet 8- 10 inches (approx)
BoyfriendTom Cruise (Speculated)
Ex-HusbandDmitry Tsvetkov
Net Worth$20M + (as of 2023)

Speculations of a Romantic Relationship with Tom Cruise

Recent news has been filled with rumors of Elsina Khayrova being in a relationship with Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise. The two were reportedly inseparable when they were observed at a party in Mayfair, London, together. Neither of them, however, has affirmed or dismissed the rumors.

Elsina Khayrova & Tom Cruise
Elsina Khayrova

What is the Net Worth of Elsina Khayrova?

The exact net worth of Elsina Khayrova is not definitively known, however, she has previously owned numerous high-value properties alongside her former spouse, such as a £22 million mansion located on the prestigious Wentworth estate in Surrey, as well as London residences valued at £18 million. She is a professional model and a prominent figure in social media. She possesses all the requisite skills and talents to get to the pinnacle of the industry.


What is the religion of Elsina Khayrova?

Elsina Khayrova follows Islam (Speculated).

What is the age of Elsina Khayrova?

Elsina Khayrova’s present age is 36 years (as of 2023).

What is the height of Elsina Khayrova?

The height of Elsina Khayrova is approximately 5 feet 8-10 inches.